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The two parts of the subconscious mind
The two parts of the subconscious mind

 Two Parts of Subconscious mind.

Hello Friends,

Friends,whenever you will open your mind you will find that In Our mind THE TWO PARTS OF THE SUBCONSCIOUTHE  MIND exists.

Firstly, I am going to tell about What is SUBCONSCIOUS MIND.


The two parts of the subconscious mind
The two parts of the subconscious mind
Subconscious mind is the amazing optional framework that runs everything in your life. Figuring out how to learn the communicate between the conscious and the subconscious is a useful asset while in transit to progress, joy and wealth. 

The subconscious mind is an information bank for everything, which isn’t in your conscious brain. It stores your convictions, your past experience, your recollections, your abilities. All that you have seen, done or thought is likewise there.


For Example , when you ruminate and you begin controlling your breath, you gain the power from the Subconscious mind and offer it to your conscious mind.

You begin breading deeply and with your stomach. At that point you stop to control it and your inner mind begins doing it. You don’t need to consider it any more.

Two parts of SUBCONSCIOUS mind

Conscious :  Explain all thoughts and action within our awareness.

Subconscious : Explain all reactions and automatic actions we can become aware of it we think about them.

Always think about positive .

The two parts of the subconscious mind
The two parts of the subconscious mind

Friends, you have to always think about positive because you will never good until

You think of good. If you want your goals then you have to think positive because until you will not think about positive untill you will never get your goals. And for positive thinking you have to spend with positive person.

Whenever you starts thinking negative that time make your mind feel drawn towards positive thinks. Because with negative thoughts you will never get your goals.



Try to communicate with your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND.

Communicating thoughts from your conscious mind to your subconscious mind is difficult because it all should be done with emotions. And only the thoughts that are returned up by a very strong emotion stay there.

you know also that the negative emotion are stronger rather than positive emotion.

How to control our SUBCONSCIOUS MIND.

Firstly , I will say again you have to think about positive. Because from positive mind the energy come for future plan. But I know many people have problem that all day those thinks about negative. So I would like to say those that whenever they starts thinking about negative they immediately thinking about positive by force.

This is best point to control your mind.

If you want anything . So you will only think about that those you want . Because when you thinks about anything again and again. When your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND starts work on that thing and after some time you SUBCONSCIOUS mind competes that thing.

How to achieve our goal

The two parts of the subconscious mind
The two parts of the subconscious mind
Always think and speak only your success as a present fact , not a future plane . 
Example – If you want to become a doctor. So you have to think about doctor means you have to make a picture of doctor in your mind that you have become a doctor. 
And many patient is coming in your clinic. I gives you avouchment. If you will thinks about doctor so definitely you will become a doctor.

Always asking about what you want, even if you know you will be denied. Because till you will think what you want to become till you  can never become anything.

Which time will be best to gives questions of SUBCONSCIOUS MIND

Before sleep and After wake up

will be best time to gives questions of SUBCONSCIOUS mind.

Example – suppose you want to become a business man . So you have to think about only bussines man before sleep and after wake up .

Mean like that before sleep you have to take this thoughts like I have become business man and my company doing growth as comparison to other company , mostly people used my product etc. And same thoughts you have to take again after wake . You will definitely become a business man.

NOW , you will be thinking that why before sleep and after wake up. Because our SUBCONSCIOUS MIND works fastly before sleep and after wake up.


Qno 1. What are the three levels of subconscious mind?
Answer. There are three types of level 1.subconscious,2.conscious,3.Unconscious.
Qn 2. Is the human mind powerful?
Answer. Yes, the most powerful computer is known as brain in the world.

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