Soul Mortal Biography, Age, Girlfriend & more

Soul Mortal Biography

Soul Mortal Biography, Age, Girlfriend, life and more
Soul Mortal Biography

Naman Mathur, popularly known as Soul Mortal on YouTube, is a popular Indian gamer and streamer. Stream live YouTube Channel.

Its YouTube channel is counted among the top gaming channels in India. Mortal’s gaming channel is the most popular gaming channel in India today. Stream live from iPad or Asus Rog smartphone.

Pubg has participated in many tournaments held in the games and has won those tournaments as well.

Mortal is a big name in the Indian gaming community of Pubgmobile. While pubs streaming of Hind Gaming, Dynamo Gaming, Carryminati, Kronten Gaming, Lavino and Garibo are also popular.

Earlier he used to stream on iPad, but after 2019 he has started playing games on Asus disease. In this article Pubg will explain the player’s age, family and brief biography.

Mortal Birth and Family

Naman Mathur was born on 22 May 1996 in Mumbai India. He is from a Marathi family. Mortal graduated in Commerce.

Mortal and his team won the PUBG Mobile India Series held in 2019 and earned a prize money of 30 lakh.

In this tournament, Mortal’s team received 46 Kills with 2520 game points. Mortal’s team consists of Termite Owais, Ronk, VPIR and they are all a best player.

Mortal Short Biography

Soul Mortal Biography, Age, Girlfriend, life and more
Soul Mortal Biography
  • Real name Naman Mathur
  • Nickname: Mortal
  • Business / Profession – Pubic game
  • Date of birth – 22 May 1996
  • Age (till 2020) – 24 years
  • Birthplace- Maharashtra State in Mumbai city, India
  • Zodiac – Aries
  • Nationality – Indian
  • Current home address – Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • Caste / Religion – Hindu

Soul Mortal PUBG Carrer

Mortal’s professional life is excellent. Mortal live streams of PUBG games on YouTube. He has more than 5.51 million subscribers on YouTube.

Mortal has streamed live with many big gamers such as Carry Minati, Cronten Gaming, Levinhoe and Dynamo Gaming.

Mortal has many sources of income, they not only earn from YouTube but also earn big money through advertising.

While earning from AdSense, they get a lot of donations in Superchats, PayTM / GPay and they also earn a lot by subscribing to their YouTube channel.

According to a report, they earn up to $ 10K- $ 124K a month. Mortal earns around 25000 rupees an hour during live stream from advertising, superchat, sponsorship and donation.

These are sponsored by the smartphone brands One Plus and Olette Arcade on YouTube, which is a major achievement.

Mortal Gaming Studies and Educational Qualification

Soul Mortal Biography, Age, Girlfriend, life and more
Soul Mortal Biography

Naman Mathur’s early education is not known. Although he has B.Com from Mumbai, and wants to pursue a career as a gamer.

Prior to PUBG, mini-militia used to play games like GTA and Counter-Strike. Counter-strike was his favorite game at one time. Let me tell you, in October 2016, Mortal started streaming mini-militia gameplay before PUBG.

But it did not get much recognition and on 30 June 2018 Mortal first did YouTube live streaming of PUBG MOBILE.

  • School – Don’t Know
  • College- not aware
  • YouTube Channel Launched – October 2016 (Mini Militia Game Play)
  • PUBG Mobile Streaming Launched – 20 June 2018
  • Educational Qualification – B Com.

Mortal Girlfriend and relationships

There is no specific information about the 24-year-old Mortal’s personal life. If rumors are to be believed, social media girlfriends are in discussion for the day due to Rabin, Mortal’s girlfriend Raven also streams with him.

  • Marital Status – Single
  • Girlfriend / Affair-Raven (rumor)
  • Mother’s name – no information
  • Father’s name – I do not know
  • Brother’s name – I do not know
  • Sister’s name – I do not know
  • Number of family members – no information

Mortal Favorite Things

  • Food – Panipuri, Fast Food and Pizza
  • Actress- Priyanka Chopra
  • Film – Fast and Furious and Marvel Cinematic Universe films
  • Hobbies – Games- Public, Counter-Strike and Mini-Militia
  • Songs – Songs of Arijit Singh
  • Place – Mumbai and Los Angeles
  • YouTubers – Carry minati and Harsh Beniwal

Mortal Networth

After gaining popularity Mortal Gaming’s assets have grown significantly and have total assets of about 20 to 3 million.

It will increase in the coming time. At the same time, if you talk about the monthly income, then you earn 2 to 5 lakh rupees.

  • Total assets – 30 to 50 lakh rupees
  • Monthly Income – 2 to ₹ 5 Lakh per month
  • Awards – Mortal and his team Saul Mortalne had also won PUBG Mobile India Series 2019 (PMIC) and PMCO 2019 International.

Mortal said in the interview-

Soul Mortal Biography, Age, Girlfriend, life and more
Soul Mortal Biography

In a recent interview with Tech Two, he said that when I used to play games earlier, my friends used to say, look, Mortal has come, my family did not like to see me play games. So he used to do college in the day and play pubg at night. And today he is a big streamer because of Pubg Mobile.

How to play mortal gaming content

Mortal initially started live streaming of the mini militia. In which he controlled with

three fingers and he used this same technical pubg mobile light to play and gradually he changed this powerful way into Four Finger Clay Technique.

In 2018, he did live streaming of PUBG Mobile for the first time from his iPad and gradually his game improved and now he uses four fingers to play content.

Soul Mortal Biography, Age, Real Name, Girlfriend & More by Bio Wiki Hindi

Facts About Mortal – About Mortal Gaming

Soul Mortal Biography, Age, Girlfriend, life and more
Soul Mortal Biography
  • Saul Mortal YouTube Gaming’s team consists of Mortal, Raunak, Viper and Owais.
  • The Saul team won the PUBG Mobile India Series 2019 (PMIS 2019). His team had an edge with 46 kills and 2520 points. The winning prize of PMIS 2019 was 30 lakh rupees.
  • Apart from this, his Klein Soul Mortal also won PMCO 2019. It took place on 15 June 2019, in which 16 teams from all over the world took part, in this match the Sol team got 254 points and was the winner of PMCO International. Its winning prize was $ 60,000 i.e. about 45 lakh rupees.
  • When there were around 5,00,000 subscribers on Mortal Gaming YouTube channel, someone had a super chat of ₹ 10,000. Which was the largest amount given in Superchat at that time.
  • Rumors are being dated to Rabin at the moment. But I believe he is the focus on his career and his goal is to emerge as India’s biggest gamer. Mortal Youtube channel has 54.4 million subscribers as of July 2020
  • The biography of Saul Mortal Gaming has been written from various sources. If you want information about anything else, please comment below.

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