How to stop playing pubg in 2021

How to Aviod playing pubg

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How to stop playing pubg
Hello friends,
                          I am also PUBG player but I plays for minimum hour.I was an ace player in 12 season and for those who don’t know Ace is the second highest rank in pubg . And Now I am going to tell about how to avoid playing pubg and some news about pubg.
  •  In Jammu kashmir fitness trailer have losed their mental balance for continue playing pubg.
  • In jalandhar 15 years boy steals money from father account for purchase ROYAL PASS in pubg.

And how to avoid PUBG game 

  1. Dedicate a particular time for this game from your entire day’s schedule. And you have to play this game only in decided time and try to keep this timing after hectic work so that after playing you can relax your mind.
  2. Avoid the replaying the game once you have failed to win mostly people try to play game again if they lost the prevous game and you know the probability of winning is less than other 99 player in Pubg mobile. And try to understant it you should stop playing after a certain time and don’t play after end the time.
  3. Engage yourself in doing your interest . If you are fond of playing instruments . Keep yourself engaged in it rather than playing pubg mobile .
  4. Don’t watch online PUBG gaming videos. Because whenever you watching online pubg gaming video after watching  you will start pubg playing yourself . This will prevent you from turning  into Pubg mobile 
  5. Don’t come in other’s  influences  to play pubg. those who are playing this game often ask their friends  to join their team in PUBG. You should always avoid such callings.
  6. Time is very useless by playing Pubg. That’s why try to understand time is very important and time is not come again. And if you don’t appreciate time mean your life will be spoil.

So finally try to understand the value of time is very essential for you don’t waste it because the time can make your life if you use it judiciously.


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