How to rank push in PUBG Mobile to reach Conqueror Only in 7 days

How to rank push in PUBG Mobile to reach Conqueror Only in 7 days
How to Rank push in pubg mobile

Today, I will tell you about How to rank Push in Pubg mobile to reach Conqueror only in 7 days.

In This time Everybody want to go in Conqueror stage but they all are not able to reach Conqueror Stage. But Don’t worry Today i will tell you some points from this you can easily reach in Conqueror stage in 7 days.

Learn how to push rank in PUBG Mobile.

Every users want to compete with other users and progress through five levels. The game gives you a different rank for each game mode depending on your performance and Skills in Solo, Duo, or Squad mode.

It also takes into account whether the game was in first person perspective (FPP) or third person perspective (TPP). So, let’s go to know some of the strategies that you can use easily improve your rank in PUBG Mobile.

Rank up in your favorite game modes like Solo, Duo and Squad

One of the first things you have to choose your favorite game mode as the rank displayed on your game profile is your best of all game modes.

From this the users Experience will be decrease and maintain. Therefore, it is important that you always choose the one that you enjoy the most, as opposed to leaving it in random game mode every once in a while. This will definitely help you progress very fast.

Survival over racking kills

It is Right that PUBG preferred both your kill and survival rating as factors when deciding mobile rank. However, you should be aware that your kill rating only contributes about 20 percent of the total score while a large part comes from your survival rating. Also Survival Increase your rating. Therefore, it becomes super important that you also try and do it for the top 10 survivors with Some few kills.

Choose safe zone for Kills

In starting you have to choose Safe zones for kills. Because If you don’t do that definitely you will die in starting. and from this you can increase you score rating with high kills.

Safe places in Pubg Mobile will be like Zarkhi, Ghatkha, Prison and Razok etc.

Damage is Crucial

Support is an essential element considered when calculating a player’s overall survival rating. So, to increase your ranking, it is also important that you take some damage and go back to full health as much as possible for an overall  survival rating. And also after med-kit Yo have to also take Energy drink and Painkillers because it will increase your Energy to Kill Enemies.

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