How to increase K/D ratio in BGMI

Battleground Mobile India increase Kd Ratio
Battleground Mobile India increase Kd Ratio

Battlegrounds Mobile India is almost ready to be officially launched in the country. Players were happy with early access to the game on the Google Play Store. Most players work hard to maintain their statistics each season to earn the title of a pro player from teammates.

The statistics include maintaining a high K/D ratio and level. In this article we will tell you about some tips to about how to increase K/D ratio in Battlegrounds Mobile India game.

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There are Some Tip to increase K/D ratio in BGMI.

1.Improve your Skills

The first tip to increase the K/D ratio in the Battlegrounds Mobile India game is to work on your skills. Because If you don’t improve your Skills you never finished your enemies. Try to play maximum Chance In Arena Mode for Practice like Warehouse. From Practice your Skills will be improved. And you will know how to Rush your Enemies.

2. Good Device and Data Connection

The Second things is Your Device and Data Connection Should be Good. If you don’t have good connections and Device your gameplay will not properly run. You game will start lagging. This is also effect in your kd ration. 

3. Play with your Teammates

This third thing is Always play with your Teammates and never play random if you want to increase your kd ration in BGMI. Because Whenever Random players don’t land together. This one increase our chances for finished in initially Zone.

4. Don’t Rush in Open Zones

 The fourth things is Never Rush in Open Zones. If you rush in open Zones your Finished chance will increased in Initial Zone. So don’t rush in open zone and try to stay in cover. This is also effect on your Kd ration.

5. Stay with your Vichle

 The fifth thing is always stay with your cars because whenever the zone far away from me and there is no car around the road that’s why you have always your cars. This is also effective to increase your Kd ration in BGMI.

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